Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dragon Creature Design

Production Painting Of A Dragon Design.

Fledglings Playing In A Storm.

Quick Dragon Concept.

Medieval Fantasy World Project ( Viking Influence )

Medieval Fantasy Creature And Vehicle Designs.

A Shadow In The Morning. ( Creature/ Environment Design )

Going In With A Bang ( Vehicle/ Environment Design )

Vehicle / Creature Concept Designs.
Tower Siege Ram Design.

Mobile Deployable Catapult Design.

Siege-Back Ballista Yeti Design.

City Of Eternal Night - Project Nocturne

Nocturne Environment, Character and Vehicle Design.

Nocturne Underground Habitat.

Collector Character And Vehicle Design.

Scientist/Explorer Character And Facility Design.

Medieval Fantasy World Project ( Viking Influence )

Medieval World Viking Project.
Creature, World And Character Design.

Environment Concept Design.
Demon Cave Entrance ( Library Of The Gods )

In The Belly Of The Beast.

Viking Character Designs.
Viking Elites Design.

Viking War Minister Design.

 Demon/Creature Designs.
Fetid Swamp Beast Creature Design.

Nest Guardian Creature Design.

MurkLurker Creature Design

Odyssea Carnival ( High Fantasy Concept )

Carnival Booth Designs ( Game, F&B and Adoption Booths )

Carnival Scene By The Treant Booth.

Adoption/Game Booth Design.
A Living Booth, Treant Booth.

Food And Beverage Booth Design
Huge Towering Living Booth, Old Treant.

Smaller Booths Spiraling Old Treant.

Game And Prize Booth.
A Goblin Mini Fort Booth.

Future Car Design ( Hover Cars )

Design Variations ( Art Nouveau Influence )

H.Car Designs ( Idea Generation )

Selected Car Design and Components
Road Design ( Magnetic Force )

Car Engine Design and Mechanics

Project B.G.C 2010

Vehicle/Transport Design

A.D.P Heavy Mech Suit

Knight Sabers Mobile HQ

Knight Saber's Hardsuit Designs
Tier 3 Boomer Suits - Linna And Sylia

BGC interior and environtment design
Mobile HQ Interior ( Bike Docking Bay )

Old World Building and Street Scene ( Before And After )

A.D.P Weapon Designs
Gun Variations

Gun Variations

Amphibious Race Car Design

A Race Car designed for an extreme race track requiring amphibious capabilities and extreme angle turning.

MIner 2040 ( First Design Package )

Design for Miner equipment 30years from now.